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    BIM Hosts 3rd Muslim Scholars Seminar

    Muslim scholars in the country have been advised to start engaging their communities in dialogue regarding many challenges affecting the nation. The call was made on Saturday by Islamic Zakat Fund (IZF) Chairman and Founder of Radio Islam Kassam Okhai at a three day seminar which is currently underway at Blantyre Islamic Mission Okhai said […]

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    Musician Fined MK25,000 For Abusing the Name of Allah

    Blantyre District Committee of the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has fined three boys who sang an offensive song “Wallahi,” MK 25,000.00 or in default clean mosques around Makhetha for six weeks for abusing the name of Allah, Malawi Muslims Website has learnt. They failed to pay the fine. The boys were further ordered they […]

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    Victimising Muslims At their Own Land?

    These are among other human rights violations Muslims in Malawi are facing on their day to day lives. Previously, Muslims were not allowed to wear hijab when taking their passport photos and in hospitals until Muslim authorities had to fight hard to reclaim their rights. But still, some institutions reject the women.

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    Vacancy Announcement: Executive Secretary Position at MAM

    Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) is a religious organisation which is the mouthpiece for all Muslims in Malawi and acts as an umbrella of all Islamic Non-Governmental Organisations in the Country. It provides a forum for peaceful resolution on issues affecting Muslims in the country. In addition, it provides linkages between the Muslims and non-Muslims […]

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    Malawi’s Nasheed Star Katawala Launches DVD Album

    Barely four years after stepping onto the local nasheeds (Islamic songs) scene with a hit single called Mwana wamasiye (An orphan Child), Malawi’s talented Muslim artist Ishmael Katawala will never look back following the recent launch of his debut DVD album at Malawi College of Health Sciences in the commercial city of Blantyre on Sunday. […]

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    Press Statement on Who Will Be Responsible On the Issue Of Moon Sight in Malawi

    Press Release We members of National Ru-uyatul Hilaal Committee comprising the Muslim Association of Malawi, The Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi, The Supreme Council of Ulama in Malawi, Ulama Council, Bilal Trust, Al_Tariqatul-Qadria, Sunni Association, Association of Sunni Madrassah,Blantyre Islamic Mission,Islamic Relief Council, Al-Furqan Charity Trust,Q.E.C, Imarat, Majils T.S, Bilal Darul Uloom(Limbe),Limbe Muslim Jamaat, Area 9 Jamaat, Al-ssalam Complex(Mangochi), Lilongwe Sunni Foundation,Anjuman Himayatul islam and Islamic Information Bureau-met for our extra ordinary meeting at Victoria Hotel on 2nd February,2014, to discuss the challenges […]