Saturday , September 21 2019
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MAM Labels Recent Nikkah which took place in Lilongwe, “Bogus”

"Moving forward, there should be an agreement between owners of the Nikkah and Majilis Ulama so as to make sure that things of this kind should never happen again in future. It is painting a bad picture to the religion of Islam. If they don’t follow Sheikhs’ guidance despite the agreement, then no any sheikh should be allowed to bless future nikkahs for that family members including extended families," he said.

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To Our Malawi Army, Thank You Regardless of How Late I am

‘Who is your colonial master? ’ asked a middle-aged filling station attendant, ‘I don’t have one,’ I retorted. ‘Of course you have one, must be those so called British or French nobles, ’ he insisted. ‘Mr Aleaddin,’ I said, ‘ I don’t think you exactly know what you are talking …

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Police Clear MAM Chair Over Alleged Abuse of Funds

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad can now afford a smile after Fiscal Police in Blantyre dropped their investigation over his alleged misappropriation of donor funds at the association. Last month, the Chairman was summoned by the Police to explain how he used MK 39million donation …

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