Monday , February 17 2020
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MAM Labels Recent Nikkah which took place in Lilongwe, “Bogus”

"Moving forward, there should be an agreement between owners of the Nikkah and Majilis Ulama so as to make sure that things of this kind should never happen again in future. It is painting a bad picture to the religion of Islam. If they don’t follow Sheikhs’ guidance despite the agreement, then no any sheikh should be allowed to bless future nikkahs for that family members including extended families," he said.

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Why Should Persons With Disabilities Continue To Face Challenges?

For a long time persons with disabilities has struggled to have the Equalization of Opportunities Bill passed in parliament in order to have their rights protected by law. However, despite the fact that the bill was passed into law in 2012 persons with disabilities continue to face numerous challenges in …

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Qadhaf Ahmed Pilo Fetes Orphans

Nasheed artist Qadhaf Ahmed Pilo and Salim Kumpita hosted 26 orphans and needy kids from Machinjiri on eid day to share with them the proceeds that he got after selling his first ever DVD. Speaking to Malawi Muslims Website, Pilo said that he felt it important to celebrate Eid-ul-fitri with …

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Christmas-like Thing, Being Proposed By Some Muslims To The Malawi Government?

First, I think we all agree that a phrase ‘Islamic Christmas’ sounds weird. If Muslims were ordered (from their books) that they should celebrate the birth of Jesus then the phrase would somehow make sense. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Muslims are not allowed to do that, not because …

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On Male circumcision

Though both the Hadeeth and the Bible is very clear about circumcision still there are a lot of misconceptions among people of different traditions as well as some quarters of the society. It is until the coming in of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has brought to light the issue regarding …

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