Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Renown Malawian Sheikh Nominated for 2015 USA IVLP Program

Sheikh Abdullah Omar Mdala Managing Editor of Insight Magazine and contributor for Malawi Muslims Official Website  has been selected to represent Malawi in this...

Watch Out for a New Generation of Muslim Youth; As Another Wins A MOREMI...

Exploits of a new generation of indigenous Muslim youth are making a mark and get recognized at the international arena as another young Muslim...

MASYAP Cautions Muslim Girls On Early Pregnancies

Muslims girls in the country have been advised to prioritize education if they are to succeed in their lives. The call was made by...

Online Studies Offers Tertiary Education Hopes To Malawian Students

While the establishment of Malawian own Islamic university remains a pipe dream, a renowned world Islamic scholar Dr Bilal Philips has offered higher education...

Türkiye Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships Now Open

The application deadline is 31st March 2015. Applications for undergraduate, master and PhD programmes will received through the same application cycle.

Muslims in Mangochi were right to chase Muwake

Recently some angry Muslims in Mangochi attacked and chased the District Education Manager’s (DEM) office and destroyed property belonging to Primary Education Adviser (PEA)...

2014 Türkiye Scholarships Undergraduate Programme Applications Now Open

Türkiye government is inviting applicants from all over the world for the Undergraduate Programmes in the field of: Regional Undergraduate Scholarship Programmes Ibn-i Sina Medical Sciences...

2014 Türkiye Postgraduate Scholarships

Türkiye Postgraduate Programmes Scholarships are fully government funded programmes for successful international students from all over the world for postgraduate studies in Turkey. The available...

Muslim Girl Students in Malawi Should Listen To Malala Yousafzai

There are several hadeeth said by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about compulsory education but despite that, there are differences of opinion among the Ulema about the role...

The Visually Impaired Have The Potential of Spreading Islam – Chienda

The visually impaired Muslims have what it takes to help in the cause of propagating Islam in the country provided if they are given...
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