Thursday, November 26, 2020

Malawi Muslim Women Call for Support from Men

Former vice president of the Republic of Malawi Dr. Cassim Chilumpha on Saturday advised Muslim women in the Country  not to be worried with current...

Malawian Muslims Asked to Pay Zakaat (Charity)

National Islamic Ijtmah committee vice chairperson, Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad, on Saturday bemoaned the reluctance by some Malawian Muslims to pay Zakaat (charity), one of...

Huge Islamic gathering begins in Mangochi

Mangochi, Malawi — Tens of thousands of Muslims began streaming to the Old Airport in Mangochi Friday for the start of a three-day Islamic...

Panel Discussion: Why Some Islamic Organisations In Malawi Are Not United?

Last week we posted a topic, Why some Islamic Organisations are not united? at Malawi Muslim Official Website Discussion Board. So the following is...

Allah Says “Be” and It Is…but why Did He Create The Heavens And The...

The source of this pieces of information is the Qur’ân; because both it was stated by Allahu ta’âlâ. Therefore, we must believe it as...

No Regrets For Releasing HIV/AIDS Prevalence Report: Lire

Muslim Sisters Aids Network chairperson sister Jamila Lire says she has no regrets for revealing HIV/AIDS prevalence report and is happy that her organization’s objective,...

Are Women Allowed to Make Dawah?

Abdul Lateef M. Al-Hassan and Sumayyah Bint Joan al-Jumu'ah Magazine From the very beginning, women have played vital roles in the propagation of the fundamental truths...

Ignoring Prayers is The Fourth Major Sin

Allah most High says: Then there succeeded them a generation which neglected prayers and followed lusts. They will meet with destruction (Ghayy), excepting the one...

Islamic Information Bureau Announces The List of The Brothers And Sisters to Attend Hajj...

      The following is a list of Malawi Muslim brothers and Sisters who have won "Relatives of prophet Muhammad (S.AW) and his companions" competition organised...

Straight Talk: HIV, AIDS and Islam

Who is this article for? This article is for Muslims who are unsure about what HIV and AIDS is, and what it means for them...
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