Wednesday , December 11 2019
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Virtues of Listening to The Jumuah Khutbah (Friday Sermon)

Listening attentively to the Imam on Friday is an obligation, and it is not permissible for the Muslims to be careless about that and fidget, talk or ignore the khutbah. The following Hadiths have been narrated concerning the virtues of listening attentively to the khutbah. Expiation for sins committed between …

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As only 100 days remaining for the new dawn of Ramadaan, Malawi Muslim outlines some of the important points of Ramadaan. Ramadaan is the 9th month of Islamic Calendar which comes after Shabaan where Muslims all over the world tends to fast for 30 days. Ramadaan is encouraged to be …

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If a man and woman are equal in Islam why can’t a woman be allowed to have four husbands as it is the rule with men?

The general norm in Islam is monogamy and not polygamy. Also, the position of Islam towards polygamy is that it is neither mandatory nor encouraged, but merely permitted. More importantly, the permission to practice polygamy is associated with compassion towards widows and orphans and it is not associated with mere …

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Ten Golden Rules To Start A Day

When we wake up in the morning we have to thank Allah for giving us that beatiful day. Several Muslims have not seen this day due to different reasons but Allah has loved us today. I know we all sometimes have our own ways of starting a day, but I …

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Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may All have mercy on him, said: The punishment for a sin committed by a believer is removed in ten ways: He repents to Allah (taubah), so Allah accepts his repentance, for the one who repents from sin is like the one who has no …

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