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Effect of Iman

A student studies hard for his final examinations, researching in libraries, practicing past papers and revising his notes because he wants a university degree that will help advance his career. A businessman invests much of his time, energy and money into a commercial venture in the hope of large profits …

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My Hijab My Choice

Who I am is who you see, women as free as free can be. Who you see is who I am, Allah my Lord, my faith Islam. My veil, my gown like flowing covers Is what I wear to show all others Life and beauty are not skin deep Its …

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What We Have To Know About The month of Sha’baan

Sha’baan is the name of the (eighth) month, and it is so called because in this month the Arabs used to disperse (tasha’’aba) in search of water, or it was said that they dispersed to carry out raids and forays. Or it was said that it is so called because …

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What We Miss in Leaving Jama’at

Jama’at is when muslims gather to make salah in which one is the Imam who leads and the rest are muqtadee who follow him; there is great reward for jama’at. 1) Sayeduna Anas (Radi Allahu anhu) narrates that the Beloved Prophet (Swall Allahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Whoever reads Salah with …

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