Monday , February 24 2020
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Mufti Menk “Attacked”

Mufti Menk A group of men have attempted to assault renowned Zimbabwean scholar, Mufti Ismail Menk. The incident took place at the Overport City Shopping Centre in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday evening, 18th August. According to a source, Mufti Menk was at the shopping centre and as he was about to …

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Failure of Islamic world in Gaza

The sun never sets and the night never vanishes without hearing news about killings of innocent people in Palestine. Every day Palestinians are being murdered in their own land and this has become normal to our ears. The beautiful city of Gaza in those days has camouflaged into a grave …

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On the 4 Top Arguments Used by The Israelis To Justify Killings In Palestine (Gaza)

  To the those who continue bringing up their top four most absurd arguments to justify these (Israeli) latest atrocities against Palestinians: 1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!” How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? …

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Secret world of FBI informants exposed in new documentary

[youtube url=”” width=”500″ height=”300″] [quote] “It literally boils down into: ‘If you cannot find terrorists within the Muslim community, make terrorists. Create the terrorists.’”  Yassir Fazaga, a Southern California imam targeted by the FBI, tells Al Jazeera. [/quote] Shady characters recruited by the FBI to spy on Muslims in the …

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