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2016 MAM Elections: Bishop Litchapa, Senior Chief Makwangwala Tip Muslims on Right Choice

In the run-up to Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) national elections slated for August 31, 2016, some leaders have joined calls to maintain the incumbent National Chairman of the Muslim body. The latest appeal has come from Bishop Litchapa, Chairperson of Malawi Interfaith Aids Association of Malawi, MIAA for Ntcheu …

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MAM in Right Direction, Sh. Idrissa Deserves another Term – Uladi Mussa

One of the prominent and influential Muslims in the country Dr. Uladi Mussa has said the current Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) national chairman, Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad is the kind of a leader the Malawi Muslim community has been longing for and deserves another term. Dr. Mussa who is also …

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Muslim Hands, Malawi Govt Unite for the Needy

Education is said to be a solution to many problems as evidenced in many developing, not talk of already developed countries. Educated citizens contribute to meaningful and sustainable development of their families as well as their countries. However, the standards of education in many African countries are very low. Malawi …

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To Our Malawi Army, Thank You Regardless of How Late I am

‘Who is your colonial master? ’ asked a middle-aged filling station attendant, ‘I don’t have one,’ I retorted. ‘Of course you have one, must be those so called British or French nobles, ’ he insisted. ‘Mr Aleaddin,’ I said, ‘ I don’t think you exactly know what you are talking …

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Muslim Association of Malawi Brief events since its establishment

Around 18th century, Islamic activities in Malawi were confined at Masjid (Mosques) level by respective Muslim Scholars (Shaikhs) of the time. Such a scenario made Islamic work unrecognizable and not publicized at national level required for growth. Muslims in Malawi have been victims of social amenities for many years. Major …

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MAM Continues Responding to Lower Shire Districts Food Crisis

Now is an established tradition, for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) getting involved in responding to the alarming food crisis in the Lower Shire districts of Malawi. In continuing easing the tension of hunger crisis in Malawi, the umbrella body of Islamic Organizations in Malawi, the Muslim Association of Malawi, …

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