Wednesday , April 1 2020
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Warning To Those Who Kill and Vandalise During Political Disagreements

Sometimes understanding politics is not as hard as some people would like it to sound. The criterion is embarrassingly very simple and straight forward. You don’t have to know how to read. You obviously don’t need to go to a fancy higher education institution. All what you need to understand …

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#Opinion: Muslims can Influence Malawi Health Sector

Last week, Malawi Muslim Medical students joined several Muslim medical students across the globe at a medical camp held in Kampala, Uganda. Malawi students studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Nursing Sciences at Islamic University in Uganda-Habib Medical School represented the country at this auspicious …

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Malawi Muslims need Muslim hospitals, University BUT we are on-track

It is true that we are supposed to have Muslim hospitals, Islamic University and several outstanding Islamic primary and secondary schools. BUT “Alhamdulillah” various Muslim organisations are instilling hope by bringing some of these significant institutions. We can not expect to have all what we want in a year as …

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#Opinion: Malawi’s Shire -Zambezi Water Way Can be Economically Vital as Egypt’s Suez Canal

Landlocked Malawi still has a chance of boosting its economy using water transport just as how Egypt made it using a man-made marvel, Suez Canal, connecting Mediterranean and Red sea. From zero, Egypt turned things around by becoming the centre of International trade using the canal. The scenario can be …

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