2022 National Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition Winner Promises to Break Record

The 15th edition of the National Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition was concluded on Wednesday 16th March 2022 with Hassan Mussah declared the winner after fending of competition from two closest challengers Abdul-Rahim Ishmael and Yohane Yasin who came second and third respectively.

Speaking after the announcement, Mussah who was on cloud said he will keep on bettering his recitation so that he can break the record previously set by Hadji Abdullah who finished third at the world Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition.

Mussah, a student at International College of Business and Management (ICBM) in Blantyre has since received cash, certificate, mattress (6 inch double and 1 inch single) bicycle and a trip to the United Arab Emirates where he is going to represent Malawi in world Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition slated to take place during this year’s Ramadhan period.

Over 200 participants contested in this year’s competition at regional level, 181 made it to the national level and 32 have won in different categories.

The contestants were categorized into three, boys, girls and women where the winners in the other categories went home with certificates, cash, mattress, food carriers and other items.

The National Holy Qur’an Recitation Competition is organized by the National Holy Qur’an Competition Committee with the aim of encouraging Muslims to memorise the Qur’an.

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