31 Malawians Graduate At International University Of Africa in Sudan

Well done!
Well done!

There is no need to prove the fruits of Islamic Zakat Fund basing on theory as its outcomes are clear to everyone so far.  This year, 31 Malawians out of 150 have graduated in different fields at International University of Africa in Khartoum, Sudan.

Graduation ceremony took place on 14th September 2013 at Altanuwiri Hall in Khartoum. This legendary event was funded by IZF, ADEF, WAFEDINA, Malawi Students Union and Turkish.

Invited official guests from IUA included Dr. Mahad Kayeesi and Dr. Ahmed Osman Muhammed. These Officials highlighted the fact that the relationship between Malawi and Sudan is extremely strong though without ambassadors. They pointed out that Islam is linking between these two countries because all Muslims are brothers.

Dr. Mahad

Speaking at this adventure, the Guest of Honour, Dr. Mahad, solicited all graduates to behave maturely and develop their country (Malawi) as well as Islam because these two goals are major fundamentals of the University.

Malawi Students Union (MSU) Vice Chairman, Cassim Banda alongside Secretary General, Amblain Salim requested all graduates to be exemplary at work and their respective localities because doing so is paving a way for incoming graduates.

At the event, Malawians performed different traditional dances that captivated people of different countries to join without considering the meaning of the songs. Major traditional dances such as Zikiri and Gule Wa Mkulu were not exceptional.

Full list of the graduates and their courses:

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences

Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Education:

Reporting by Patrick Wassie in Khartoum, Sudan

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