Ahmad Pilo in Fight Against COVID-19

A renowned nasheed artist in the country by the name Ahmad Pilo has earned trust of NGO body called “ADECOTS ” to join other artists in spreading COVID-19 awareness to the people through singing.

Ahmad Pilo has confirmed the development in an interview with Malawi Muslim Website.

“It is true that I have earned trust by an NGO body called ADECOTS”.

“10 artists were selected by ADECOTS and I was among the selected artists and they asked us to help spreading COVID-19 awareness”, says Pilo.

He continued to say, “The first project which we were assigned to work on is called,”OSAIDERERA COVID 19″ in which I shared with the people how deadly COVID-19 is, how it is spread and how it can be prevented”.

Osaiderera COVID-19 is the title of the nasheed which has been released and promoted by ADECOTS.

Pilo further added to say,” In this song I also stressed that Malawi already has other diseases that we are already struggling to combat. So we need to try as much as possible to follow all the precautionary measure put in place by Ministry of Health to curb the pandemic”.

“Recently, since ADECOTS and Ministry of Health liked my work, I was also given another project to work on a soundtrack for a play (drama) that is being aired on MBC TV and Times TV. The play is called “SANKHA MOYO” and the song has the same message”,says Pilo.

He hails his involvement in the project.

“It is very important for Muslim Artists to get involved since the Pandemic is taking anyone despite the religion you belong to,” he says.

The pandemic has also affected the Islamic community by pushing them not to attend the congregational Prayers.

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