Al-Barakah Charity Trust Denies 50: 50 Ratio at Mama Khadija Academy

Al-Barakah Charity Trust that owns Mama Khadija Girls’ Private Academy in Mangochi district says information going round that the school has equal number of Muslim and Christian students is false.

In a statement issued by the Charity Trust, the school has only 8 percent of Christian students cementing that the school is geared to provide quality education to Muslim girls.

“On Muslim to Christian learners’ ratio, Albarakah Charity Trust wish to categorically refute the allegations made thereon the article in question. The correct position is that currently the school has 790 learners and out of the total number, 724 are Muslims representing 91.65 percent. You may wish to be further informed that the organizational policy is that the school must have at least 10 percent of Christian learners who are at 8.35 percent currently,” reads a statement.

Al-Barakah Charity Trust has also refuted claims that the head teacher of the school is indulging in corrupt practices to offer spaces to Christian learners at the expense of Muslim learners.

“Management of Albarakah Charity Trust wish to clarify that there is no single person who has ever provided tangible evidence to substantiate the claims. Therefore, the organization calling upon whosoever has concrete evidence to openly come forth and present to the organizational management for further actions. It is worth to let you know that the management of the organization met the community of Namwera on 12th December, 2020 wherein the same call was made and to date nothing has been made available,” reads a statement.

Recently, fake news was going round on social media that the girls’ Islamic secondary school has an equal number of Muslim and Christian learners and that the head teacher of the school has turned the school into an enterprise for making money through admitting Christian learners.

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