Aman Kunje confirms attending new MAM first Nec meeting, denies being Chased Out

Kunje: Who told you?

Brother Aman Kunje, former deputy secretary general of Muslim Association of Malawi, has brushed as ‘untrue’ reports that he was chased out of the first meeting organized by the new MAM executive, which took place on Monday 1 May 2011 at Blantyre Islamic Mission.

As per requirement, the meeting was meant to choose new secretary general and his vice. A well placed source told Malawi Muslims Official Website that Aman Kunje attended the meeting and he was booted out because his was no longer in the executive. Some folks also expressed dismay at his presence at the meeting.

Speaking to Malawi Muslims Official Website, Aman Kunje confirmed attending the meeting and challenged all people who are alleging that he was chased out, to wait and see the minutes.

“Who told you? I was not chased out, I attended the whole meeting and all those who are making those allegations should wait for the minutes of the meeting to come out,” he said.

“What actually happens is that when the old committee is dissolved, the new committee meets to discuss certain positions, like in this case they were talking about the position of secretary general. So, as a former deputy secretary, I was not allowed to attend the discussion about the new SG…I had to wait outside, and there is nothing wrong with that because that is how it is supposed to be,” clarified brother Kunje, but didn’t say whether he was invited or not.

However, Kunje said the meeting failed to come up with a name for the position of Secretary General until another meeting. Rumour has it that Kunje might serve as acting SG while aspirants namely Dr Mustaffa Hussein, Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar and Sheikh Mustahab Ayami, have been asked to submit their credentials for scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times has carried an article, which says Aman Kunje received contacts from some DPP officials to make sure that Idrissa Muhammad won the election.

“Dr. Ntaba called the chairperson of the electoral commission of MAM Aman Kunje to make sure that Mohamed wins the elections. DPP is doing this because it wants to win many Muslims to its side so that they have some votes in 2014,” said a MAM official, according to Nyasa Times.

This Saturday, the newly elected team is to hold a celebration party at Mpingwe Sports Club and some members have already started receiving invitation cards, MalawiMuslims.Com has learnt. 


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