Angry Mob Kills Thief in Balaka

A 35 year old man, identified as Christopher Kabodza, has been killed by angry mob in Balaka.

Balaka Police Deputy Publicist Precious Makuta says the incident happened during the night of 5-6 August, 2020 at Kanta Village.

According to Makuta, on the day, Kabodza went to the house of Mustapher Elias with an intention of stealing some properties.

“He saw a solar panel at the top of the roof of the house and decided to steal it. He then managed to get there and then started removing it. While in the process, the owner of the house noticed something suspicious going on at the top of the roof of his house,”

“As he went out to see what was happening, he saw Kabodza removing the solar panel from its position. He shouted for help and this prompted the villagers to arrive at the scene who beat the late Kabodza to death,” Makuta says.

Postmortem result, indicated that death was due to severe loss of blood secondary to multiple head injuries. No any arrest has been done so far.

Meanwhile, the station is appealing to the public, not to take laws into their hands. Any criminal activity is supposed to be reported to the formation for the law to take its course.

Christopher Kabodza hailed from Kanta Village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district.

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