Atupele Muluzi Shakes Lower Shire

DPP-UDF alliance runningmate in the 2nd July, 2020 fresh presidential polls,Atupele Muluzi today was in Chikwawa district asking Malawians to vote for the alliance.

Muluzi says the alliance will continue developing the district.

“Thank you Kakoma, Chapananga – Chikwawa! President Prof. APM is constructing a 37 km Chapananga road and this project will be fast-tracked so that it is competed soon. Chapananga bridge completed last year,” Muluzi says.

He disclosed that the alliance has delivered a new ambulance at Kakoma Health Centre and promising to expand the maternity wing at the health facility.

“New Ambulance for Kakoma Health Centre has been delivered. Admarc will shortly be buying cotton from local farmers and Kakoma telecentre to be constructed soon,”

“Government is also planning to construct a new maternity wing at Kakoma Health Center as the current one is too small,” he says.

Muluzi says Government will also construct new secondary schools in the area.

“Two new secondary schools will be constructed in the Constituency and a fence erected at Kakoma Secondary School to include additional school blocks,” The DPP-UDF alliance runningmate says.

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