Bank Your Trust in Allah- Muslims Advised

By Alick Majid Yasin

In today’s sermon, the khateeb (preacher) of Mangochi Sub-Mosque Sheikh Zaidi asked muslims to fear Allah and advised them to be patient.

The khateeb has also reiterated the significance of praising Allah wholeheartedly.

“If the challenges come upon you, sue to Allah not to your fellow human being. Be steadfast just like how Prophet Ibrahimah (AS ) did. He left his wife, Hagar and his son, Ishmael without anything. He was also about to slaughter his son as a sacrifice to Allah,” sheikh Zaidi said.

The Muslim cleric urged the Muslims to always bank their trust in Allah.

“We shall surely test you with fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and crops; but give tidings to the steadfast. Who say when a misfortune comes to them: ‘ We belong to Allah, and to Him we shall return’. On such will be blessings from their Lord and mercy; and such are the rightly – guided”. The khateeb concluded with a Qurani’c verse (2:155-157).

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