Bloodsuckers Saga: MAM Condemns Brutal Acts of Killing Innocent People

Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has strongly condemned brutal act by some members of the general public who are killing innocent people on suspicion that they are bloodsuckers.

MAM Secretary General Sheikh Twaibu Lawe made these remarks during a press briefing in Blantyre.

He said the rumour about the blood sucking issue has stirred panic in the country.

“Now the issue has spread to the districts of Blantyre, Balaka and Machinga and lives of innocent people have been lost. That is the reason we feel compelled to voice out on the matter realizing that if nothing happens the nation will go into anarchy,” he said.

He said that MAM feel that the brutal and barbaric acts, which some people are doing, cannot be tolerated and it requires concerted efforts from the civil society, religious and political leaders as well as the law enforcers.

“MAM also wishes to remind the public that in the Holy Quran 16 vs 90 it does not condone the malpractice and it is an offence under the penal code to spread false news that is likely to cause fear among the public,” he said.

Lawe said rumours about the blood sucking issue has affected the social economic development of the country as some development partners are abandoning their operation in the affected areas.

He said as MAM they appeal to avoid sensational reporting of the events surrounding this issue.

MAM SG however, commended the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for taking efforts by visiting some of the affected districts and providing necessary measures.

“Special prayers will take place in all Masjid across the country to seek God’s intervention on the issue,” he said.

Concurring with Lawe, Sheikh Ali Kennedy Chairman of Board of Trustees for MAM said they totally condemn what is going on around the country in as far as the blood sucking issue is concerned.

He said this is totally unacceptable and urge people that are involved in the malpractice to stop as there is no evidence.

“No proper human being can act in the way people are acting now. We shall continue to pray for the calamities affecting our nation,’ he said.

Also speaking during the press briefing Publicity Secretary for MAM Sheikh Shabulika Dinala said their concern in the impact, which has been created, about the blood sucking issue.

He said Islam condemns this and it is unacceptable because the Quran says do not pursue anything that you have no knowledge about.

“There no proof, it is not true and there is no evidence and time has come for the media houses to stop talking about it because the more we talk about it is like we are encouraging the people to attack people suspected of being blood suckers,” he said

He said there is need for a collective effort to stop this, as it has been the case with the issue of albinisms.

In a related development Maulana Muhammad Nadwi, Principal of Blantyre Islamic Mission was attacked when he was escorting his wife and sick child to the hospital in Mpemba on suspicion that he is a bloodsucker.

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