Chakwera Preaches Destiny for new Malawi

UTM Party and Malawi Congress (MCP) electoral alliance presidential candidate, Dr Lazarus Chakwera, has described the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government as a destiny that has survived 6 years of broken promises from a president who has failed to govern, and a government that has survived the acrimony of the 2019 campaign and the robbery of the 2019 elections.

Dr Chakwera says the DPP is a destiny that has the lawnessness Mec, survived a year of civil unrest and violence, 12 months of court battles, survived a pandemic threat and the abuse of public offices and resources in the middle of it.

The MCP President says it is the dream of the new Malawi that binds him with Dr. Chilima together, not as rivals, and not even as a candidate and Running mate, but as partners in the service of Malawi.

This is contained in a speech Dr. Chakwera made on Wednesday in Blantyre when he presented his papers of nominations to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) ahead of July, 2020 fresh presidential polls.

In his speech, Chakwera urged all Malawians that together they can reach their destiny by casting and protecting every vote on July 2, so that on July 6, Malawians can mark the start of their 3rd Independence by inaugurating the Chakwera- Chilima presidence.

He says many dark forces have labored to prevent this election but they have failed, because no force on earth can stop the change God has decreed to Malawians.

He said for 26 years, Malawi’s democracy has been hijacked, power is built on fraudulent elections, violent campaigns, tribal voting, and minority rule, but God has given Malawians Fresh Election to bring change .

“For 26 years, Malawi’s wealth has been plundered, its institutions paralyzed and the citizen impoverished by a toxic dynasty of two families, but God has given Malawians another chance to choose change,”reads the speech in part.

Dr Chakwera says for 26 years, Malawi’s Vice Presidents have been mistreated and unutilized, harassed and slandered such as Mr. Justin Chimera Malewezi, Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, Dr. Joyce Banda and Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima but, God has given Malawians Dr. Chilima, whose courage has confronted this disease and answered the call to cure it on behalf of all Malawians.

He says for 26 years, Malawi’s political parties and leaders have forged enemities and their followers have had disputes so bitter that it has imposible to find a common ground, but, God has given Malawians TONSE ALLIANCE of 9 parties to tear down the walls that divide them and build the bridges needed to unite them through their destiny, ” Malawi Watsopano Okomela Tonse”

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