Chakwera Schools Nankhumwa

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has asked Leader of Opposition, Kondwani Nankhumwa to tell him who exactly among the fired Principal Secretaries were Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathizers saying the laws of Malawi do not allow civil servants to engage themselves in party politics.

President Dr. Chakwera made several changes bringing in new Principal Secretaries to replace the old ones who most of them are allegedly suspected to have taken part in the plunder and looting of public resources making Malawi poor and poorer as compared to yesterday.

In his response to President Dr. Chakwera’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), Nankhumwa cautioned President Dr. Chakwera and his Government to tread carefully on wanton firing, redeployment and arrests of innocent and qualified public sector employees for the simple sin that they are sympathetic to the DPP.

Nankhumwa called for the wheels of justice to continue to turn but not targeting only at members of the DPP, saying justice must not be discriminated.

He also observed that prison warders and health personnel who are at risk of contracting Corona virus are being given COVID-19 risk allowances, questioning Government why teachers are being denied, assuring Malawians that he will stand with teachers in Malawi for risk allowances.

President Dr. Chakwera asked Nankhumwa and other opposition MPs not to politicize the issue of teachers’ risk allowances saying Government is handling the issue.

“Nankhumwa has no moral grounds to speak anything on teachers risk allowances. He was a Minister just a few months ago, why not including the issue in their budget? He wants to gain political mileage on teachers’ risk allowances,’’said Dr. Chakwera.

The President also schooled Nankhumwa that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was founded by Orton Chirwa not Malawi first President Dr. Kamuzu Banda as Nankhumwa’s claim.

On housing and offices project for Members of Parliament (MPs), President Dr. Chakwera said he is surprised that some MPs are against the proposed project saying no one is coming forward to forfeit their housing allowances which are costing tax payer’s money to over K2.7 Billion President Dr. Chakwera said the project will save money which MPs pocket as housing allowances as they will be living in the said offices for their terms of office and the money saved can be channeled to other social service deliveries.

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