Chilima says Light has Conquered DPP Darkness

State Vice President who is also UTM President Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilima says Malawi is now seeing light conquered by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) darkness as evidenced by revealations that thugs are going around burning people and property.

Dr Chilima has asked the DPP thugs that people being burnt must be eaten as flesh meat to satisfy their needs, and not taking them to hospitals for treatment.

He said the unleashing terror is a coordinated plan by the DPP and president Peter Mutharika to force the on- going voter registration exercise be abandoned so that voting must not take place on 2nd July, this year.

Speaking in a sorrowful mood after visiting the petro- bombed family at Kamuzu Central Hospital and Area 22, UTMs burnt branch office, in Lilongwe on Tuesday, Chilima said he is all aware that Malawians are angry with these DPP terror developments, advising them not to revenge but to leave everything in God’s hand saying DPP days in government are numbered.

“Witch government must go. Government is led by people and not witches. I saw the family that has been petro- bombed at KCH, all of their faces are wrapped with bandages leaving only the mouth and nose for breathing purpose,” Chilima lamented sorrowfully.

Malawi Veep ,who was accompanied by MCP president, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera said God , the creator of heaven and earth is watching all of these evil doings, the DPP is unleashing to the souls of innocent people in Malawi and cannot let his people continue suffering that the DPP we see today will never be seen after July 2, Fresh Presidential Election.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed social media reports are indicating that the woman who was among the burnt by a petro- bomb in the UTM branch office in Lilongwe, passed away last night.

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