Chilima tells Mutharika to Fix Challenges Facing Malawians

Vice President and UTM Party leader Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima says President Peter Mutharika should fix problems facing the Malawi citizens.

Chilima made the remarks today during UTM party political rally at Masintha ground in Malawi’s capital , Lilongwe .

In his remarks, Chilima says Mutharika through his visionary leadership has a role to provide basic needs to Malawians.

He says people in the country are lacking basic needs such as food and drugs and it is his role to intervene in such challenges for a better Malawi.

In his address , Chilima says the Malawi president also has a role to paint his name with a positive image because when things falls apart,he is the one to be blamed.

“When things are not working , Malawians won’t appoint fingers on Ministers that things are working, they always say the president is incompetent. It is the duty of president Mutharika to have a good image through his dedication to serve them. The people around him can not be blamed when things are not working in the country,”Chilima says.

The veep says UTM party is in talks with other political parties for a possible alliance ahead of the Constitutional court ordered fresh election within a period of 150 days.

He says UTM party can not enter into an alliance without scrutinizing its importance.

Chilima asks Malawians to be united and have vision for the country.

“We are all Malawians and we should work towards making Malawi a great nation. God didn’t make us to be the sufferers. Let us forge ahead as a country,” Chilima says.

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