Chiradzulo District Get a Hand of “Muslim Hands Organization”

As a way of ending record of marginalized by Islamic Organization’s activities in the districts of Chiradzulo, Muslim Hands, a United Kingdom non-profit Islamic Organization, visionary and well positioned opened a door of Islamic work, as it established what is called “School of Excellence” in the district.

Embarked in a humble way with primary classes one and two, the organization, has expanded its school blocks at “School of Excellency” bringing the enrollment for standard 3 and 4 learners respectively. In total the school has seven learning blocks ranging from lower nursery cum-reception with standard 4 as its upper level.

Some of the students at the School of Exellence

Muslims Hands country director Shakil Sidat told Malawi Muslims Official Website that they implemented the education program in the district as one way of reducing illiteracy level.

“Muslim Hands is an International organization targeting Chiradzulu district in education program, we started with a lower nursery and now we are growing since we have increased  the number of classes,” Sidat said.

Asked if the organization has the plans of extending the school program in other district he said; “In school program we are only targeting Chiradzulu district because we feel it is marginalized in as far as humanitarian activities is concerned in Malawi, and we would want to cover up the gap.”

Apart from educational program in the districts of Chiradzulo, Muslim Hands, also conduct Qurban and Iftaar programs in its respective months, selectively for Qurban in the districts of Salima, Machinga and Blantyre and Iftaar in 17 districts.


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