Combating Albinos Vulnerability

Raphael Chimenya
Raphael Chimenya – “We want to hear their views”

The African Network for the Protection and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) Malawi Chapter has organized a workshop for albinos this coming Monday to discuss the challenges they are facing and see how they can be addressed.

Raphael Chimenya Project Officer for ANPPCAN Malawi Chapter said this has been possible with funding which they secured from the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy under the project Albino Rights to Health, Education and Protection from Abuse (ARHEPA).

He said as an organization whose one of its objectives is to eradicate all the injustices, oppressions, segregation and abuses which are subjected to all vulnerable groups they saw it important to meet albinos following the recent wave of killings and attacks which albinos have been facing.

“We want to hear their views on the challenges they are facing and see how we can prevent the (attacks) from happening again in future. We will also come out with pamphlets carrying massages about (the plight of) albinos and how we can collectively (protect them and) address their problems,” he said.

This is also happening at a time when the organization is running a project whose purpose is to raise awareness about the injustices against the people with albinism and their rights.

The workshop will be held at ANPPCAN offices in Chinyonga in Blantyre and about twenty albinos from Blantyre are expected to attend.

Albinos have been subjected to ritual killings in various parts of the country, making them the most vulnerable section of the society. Although the spate of killings may have now subsided due to interventions by government and various organisations in the country, albinos are still leaving in fear.

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