Commissioner Nkosi Questions MEC Competency

Commissioner of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Bishop Mary Nkosi has faulted the electoral body’s Chairperson, Justice Dr. Jane Ansah for making many decisions by herself and imposing them on other commissioners as being part of it.

Commissioner Nkosi told the Public Appointment Committee (PAC) of Parliament on Monday that MEC erred in announcing the elections results before thoroughly investigating into all the 147 complaints it received from various stakeholders.

She said it was better to rush to the court by the electoral body to seek extension of days before announcing the results than rushing to the court to lift the injunction obtained by the Malawi Congress Party in order to announce the final results saying the results presented did not reflect the truth and had a lot of irregularities.

MEC Commissioners are appearing before PAC to clarify on how they discharged their duties during May 21, 2019 presidential elections that five High Court Judges nullified on 3rd February, 2020.

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