Council of Ulama asks for Unity among Muslim leaders

The Council of Ulama in the country has asked Muslim leaders to be united all time in order to fulfill this year’s theme of men’s Ijitma “Contact and Dialogue in Islam ” which has started today at Luchenza Trading Centre in Thyolo district.

Council’s Secretary General Sheikh Cassim Chongolo made the call during the pre-Ijitma workshop which was held at Zomba Development Centre (ZODEC) in Zomba district.

Chongolo said tolerance among leaders in Islam promotes good relationship among the followers and the Islamic religion can grow faster in all the districts in the country.

“We have organized this workshop in order to orient other Sheikhs as you know Ijitma starts tomorrow  (today). These Sheikhs are the one who will be lecturing to those people who will be at the event and we want them to have a good knowledge on this year’s theme in order to sail in the same boat,” he said.

He also said this workshop has given them the chance to start the preparations of the fourth coming Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) elections which will be held mid next year.

Chongolo asked in advance all Muslims in the country to take active part in the elections so that the country should have what he described as “sanity Muslim elections

“On top of that we have other agendas like unity among Muslim leaders as we are going towards the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) elections. We are advising them to avoid using words which can divide Muslims in the country. We thought that this is the right time to start looking into that as well. So, we are asking these Sheikhs to spread the message of peace and unity to their followers so that there should no violence when campaign starts,” said Chongolo.

Chongolo said the Muslims in the country will know very shortly the exact date for these elections saying they are just waiting for the few things to be sorted out.

 “Currently we can say we are just waiting for the chosen Electoral Commission and the Board of Trustee for MAM because most of the time MAM conducts the meeting which dissolves the Executive  then they announce the exact date for the elections but am sure people will know this date very shortly,” said the Secretary General.

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