COVID-19 Disrupts Muslims NGOs Financially

As novel coronavirus continues to put the world economy in tatters, Muslim organisations in the country told Malawi Muslim Website that they have cut expenses to survive during the pandemic.

The Director of Administration and Finance at Albarakah Charity Trust, Brother Saidi Witness told Malawi Muslim website that since the onset of the pandemic in the country,the organisation has experienced financial instability.

“Since the dawn of COVID-19 in the world, everything has stopped,”

“We as Muslim non governmental organization, COVID-19 has affected us financially”.

Witness continues to say that the pandemic is making it hard to pay workers.

“We are finding it difficult to meet salary demands for our staffs,”

“Albarakah Charity Trust corrects its revenues through school fees and due to the closure of schools, we are finding it hard to pay our staff,”says Witness.

The organization says it has cut expenses to continue serving Malawians.

“Since we are law abiding citizens, we have just cut other expenses which we can live without, so that we should meet the salary demands,” he says.

One of the schools belonging to Albarakah Charity Trust is Mama Khadija Girls Academy in Mangochi district.

Coronavirus has greatly affected the economy of the country since the government issued some restrictions on public gatherings to defeat the disease that led to closure of schools.

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