Daud Asks Athletes to Combine Talent and Education

Dowa South-East Member of Parliament who is also deputy Minister of Local Government Halima Daud has advised youth in the area to combine sports and education.

Daud made the remarks during a final of Halima Daud Football Bonanza which was held at Chinkhuti Ground in Lumbazi.

Speaking to the crowd, Daud said talent and education compliments each other as such youths should be able to focus on both education and talent to have a better future.

“Make sure that you are a complete athlete, that is you have good education background and you also pursue your talent. This will help you understand the contracts you will be signing in the future and be to make proper evaluations of whatever is available for you. The 2063 agenda is leaving no one behind so pursue your talent while doing education as well because you will need it once your spring career is complete.” said Daud.

Daud has also asked girls in the area to form netball teams so that they play a netball tournament which she is planning to introduce.

“We are fighting against early marriages and defilement, girls use these competitions as time wasting activity and also as a career and a body building exercise do not use this as gate pass to meet with men (boys) we want you to concentrate on sports and your education. Instead of being out there doing bad things spend your time doing sports.”

She further asked MPs and other well wishers in the country to introduce different sports tournaments so as to keep the youth busy and also act as scouting areas for big clubs in the country.

During the final which was held on Saturday 25th June 2022, Super Eagles Fc were crowned champions after beating Dzoole Fc by 2 goals to 1 and went away cash prize and football equipments including jerseys amounting to 250,000 kwacha where as Dzoole Fc received football equipments and cash all totaling to 150,000 kwacha.

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