Donor commends MAM for fighting poverty


Chairman for the African Continent Committee at the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society in Kuwait, Sheikh Jassim Ainati has commended Muslim Association of Malawi MAM for its spirit of fighting poverty and other challenges facing Muslims and the entire country.

Sheikh Ainati said this when making a distribution of maize to 1200 needy Muslims in Balaka on Tuesday.

“We enjoy cordial relationship with MAM; a thing which has prompted us to be carrying out different projects aimed at alleviating challenges facing Muslims and the entire nation by among others distributing relief food items.”

“We work in several African countries but we love working here in Malawi because it is a peaceful country and that the Muslims’ mother body has the welfare of Muslims at heart,”he said.

Sheikh Ainati has meanwhile said all projects his organization is carrying in Malawi are spearheaded by a special committee which was put in place of which he sits as a chairperson.

This revelation is in sharp contrast with allegation of money swindling leveled against the National chairman of the Muslim Association of Malawi MAM Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad.

A Blantyre based Concerned Muslims have been accusing the chairman of MAM for diverting 39 million kwacha into his pocket which was meant to carry out several projects aimed at alleviating challenges facing Muslims in the country.

The grouping reached the extent of sealing the offices of MAM as a way compelling the Chairman to step down.

But speaking in an interview, Sheikh Ainati described the allegation as baseless.

“We have projects in Malawi and we check time and time. I did not give money to anyone-and we follow time by time on what is happening to our projects,” He clarified.

“Some People have no information or they want to be like they know when they don’t know .The truth is we did not give the association any money,” He added.

Ainati further explained that his organization came up with a special committee as an overseer of the projects being carried in the country of which he is the chairperson.

Meanwhile, The High Court of Malawi in Blantyre has granted an injunction to MAM forcing the grouping to reopen the offices as well as restraining them from coming to the said offices.


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