Dutch Muslim Group Praises Burqa Ban Rebel Police Chief

A Dutch Muslim organisation As-Soenna has welcomed remarks by Armstedam police chief Bernad Welten that he would not enforce a proposed ‘burqa ban.’

According to press reports monitored by Muslims Official Website on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Mr. Welten in a TV interview said that he had “more important things to attend to” than arresting women for wearing the burqa.

Legislation banning the face-covering Islamic veil is set to go to the dutch parliament in the near future as one of the conditions put forward by the right-wing Freedom Party (PVV) of supporting the minority government in parliament.

The comments have not gone down well with other coalition partners who are insisting that Mr. Welten has to withdraw his remarks and offer an apology.

However, As-Soena praises Mr. Welten’s “courageous” remars, adding “Evidently the Netherlands still has people in prominent positions whom it can be proud of.”

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, infamous for his anti-Islam film ‘Fitna’ responded via Twitter that Mr. Welten “has to enforce the law, and thus the pending burqa ban too, or pack his bags, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Mr. Welten’s term of office is almost at an end and this will leave only one national police chief who will likely enforce the legislation in the way parliament will rule.

Additional reporting from expatica.com.

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