Despite the Modern world believing that strength and popularity of a
community do depend on four pillars which include;  size of its
population, the area in which the people live, spiritual virtue and
material accomplishment, education majestically out powers them all.

This is so because all the above mentioned factors rely on education  for them to effectively function. As of the size of population, it has been experienced that a small group can conquer a huge group of people if well trained.

That’s why having a small group which you can
successfully look after, is paramount than having a big but
uncontrollable team. Basically, Islam was embraced by a few people, but since they had knowledge of it, it has spread all over the world.

Talking of the area in which the people live, on its own, it’s not
impact full. As some people have lost ownership of land, because they had no knowledge on how to protect it. On Spiritual virtue, Allah declares in Quran 35:28 that the most pious among His servants are those holding knowledge.

Children trying to acquire religious education (Madrassah)

While on material accomplishment, then best wealth is the wealth accumulated through education.

Above clarifications are there to justify that knowledge is paramount whether it is for personal or society development.  That’s why Islam declared the acquisition of knowledge been compulsory.  As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) puts it; “seeking knowledge is compulsory to every Muslim.”

Furthermore, it is also anonymously quoted that; “knowledge before words and actions”. This simply means that, in an Islamic setup, before anyone utters any word or does any action, knowledge should be acquired first.  This is for accuracy and precision when doing anything.

It is then from the above elucidations that we fully understand, that knowledge is significant from individual to national levels, as it forms a backbone of anything.  Surely it is the source of success and strength.

One great Muslim scholar declared knowledge as the only tool for Islamic strength, as he said; “indeed Muslims can re-attain their strength they had before, if they can restore the spirit of seeking knowledge”

Referring to the quote above, then glory and strength of Islam can completely go down if Muslims remain negligent when it comes to knowledge acquisition.  Acquiring knowledge therefore is the direct response to the current challenges the Muslim community is going through.

This will be made possible because education will bring unity
hence working together as one ummah. Exclusion Muslims are enduring today in key decision making positions will be history because they (Muslims) will have all what it takes to be in those positions.

Simply because Muslims will have a lot of people with expertise in different fields, they will be able to execute different programs on their own.

Allah then assures us that people with education will be uplifted in ranks as Quran 58:11 says: “Allah will uplift ranks of the believers and those holding knowledge……”

No excuse for a Muslim when it comes to acquiring knowledge, since Islam came with knowledge. Education is the key for Islamic success and strength.

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