FND Bemoans Racial Profiling and Human Rights Abuse of Malawians of Asian Origin

Forum for National Development (FND) has bemoaned what they call ‘Racial profiling and Human Rights Abuse’ over Malawians of Asian origin.

In a press statement released on Friday, the organisation said it is saddened with gross of human rights violations being perpetuated to Malawians of Asian community and their businesses and the use of social media as a tool for hate and extortion scheme.

“We are becoming worried at how Malawians of Asian origin commonly known as ‘amwenye’ are being targeted with hate message, abuse and are a victim of well-orchestrated blackmail and extortion scheme. We are even worried that any attempt for them to clear their names and pursue justice is frowned upon by the public,” reads part of the statement.

FND further expressed worries that the way Malawians of Asian origin are treated, it is as if they are the source of all Malawian problems.

“It seems there is a general consensus that ‘amwenye’ are the source of all Malawian problems and any accusation leveled upon them is gospel truth, in fact, they are guilty as charged on any case until proven innocent,” continues the statement adding “even when the competent courts find them innocent, they are perceived to not be really innocent but might have bribed their way to freedom.”

While admitting that there may be some ‘amwenye’ who might be in conflict with the law in regards to their business dealings, FND is against “blanket categorization of all.”

“In the society of Malawians of Asian origin just like any other society, there will be bad apples and that does not make everyone to be equally bad,” adds the statement.

The organisation therefore calls on for dialogue among the races in the country in order to protect Malawians of Asian origin.

“Seeing that Malawians of Asian origin’s freedom of expression and association is being taken out, FND believes that it’s time the country initiates a dialogue among the races to protect these Malawians, lest we are breeding a hate nation which will have huge repercussion in the future.

“it is our sincere hope that the proposed engagement and national dialogue of co-existence among tribes and races will be given due to consideration,” concludes the statement, which is signed by FND Chairperson Bright Kampaundi and its National Coordinator Fryson Chodzi.

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