Govt Fulfils Its Promise As Malawian Delegates Leave For Ijtma in Tanzania

Some of the delegates boarding a bus

Malawi Government has fulfilled its promise of sponsoring Muslims who are going to attend this year’s Ijtma in Mbeya Tanzania.

On October 7, during the closing ceremony of the 2012 men Ijtma held at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre Vice President of the Republic of Malawi Khumbo Kachali said government would meet all travel expenses for people who would want to go to attend the event in the neighbouring country.

Over 90 Muslims departed on Thursday morning for the event which is expected to start on Friday, October 12th and end on Sunday October 14th.

Vice Chairperson for National Islamic Ijitima Committee Sheikh Aman Matiya has since thanked the government for the financial support saying this shows that it has welfare on Muslims in the country.

Sheikh Muhammad Ismail who is the leader of the delegates said they are expecting to learn new things and share experiences with their Tanzanian counterparts. He said this would give them opportunity to see what their friends are doing in uplifting Islam.

“This trip is very important to us considering the fact that many Sheikhs were learning in Tanzania before we started sending them to other countries to learn and we have many brothers and sisters in Tanzania,” he said.

Kachali: His Govt has fulfilled its promise

Concurring with Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdullah Kassim said they are not going there for pleasure but to learn new things and share them with others.

Zainab Ismael shares Sheikh Abdullah sentiments saying is happy and believes that this will cement their working relationship.

She added that she will take advantage of the trip to share knowledge with fellow women in Tanzania.

“If this continues will cement our religion and our children will learn Islam,” she said.

The trip has been organized by National Islamic Ijtma Committee.

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