Have Malawi Muslims Abandoned Their Mufti?

A masjid which Mufti Abbas Cassim uses to observe his daily prayers

By the virtue of being a leader, mostly one is supposed to be respected and given appropriate support or assistance.

In other countries, a Mufti or any other Muslim leader is given all respect he deserves, but that is not the case in Malawi.

Inspite of working vigorously to promote the religion of Islam in the country, Muslim leaders or scholars are not valued – their efforts are not recognised. This is evidenced by the treatment they get.

The scenario has not even spared the country’s Grand Mufti Abbas Cassim who has imparted knowledge on several prominent sheikhs in the country that parades itself as a Warm Heart of Africa.

Malawi Muslims Official Website has established that the masjid that Mufti Abbas uses to observe his daily salah is in a very dilapidated condition, which shows that Muslims do not appreciate his contribution to Islam.

When asked how the condition of the masjid affects his spiritual life, Mufti Abbas said:

“It really becomes difficult to pray especially during the rainy season because the masjid has no roof – the iron sheets were blown away by wind.”

Of course, there is a masjid a kilometre away from his residence but due to his old age, he cannot manage to walk to the praying house for daily Salah.

“It would have been better if the masjid was rehabilitated,” appealed Mufti Abbas who resides in Mangochi.

Mufti Abbas was given his muftiship role over 5 years ago but his influence in the Muslim society is hardly seen as he is used as a dummy.

Most functions which is invited as guest of honour, he is not given an opportunity to deliver his speech but only to offer closing dua.

Worse still, during these events the mufti is not accorded the respect he deserves. For example, at a recent Iftaar program organised by Islamic Concern in Blantyre, the Mufti was given a second class treatment.

The organisation prepared two kinds of food which was distributed according to the prominence. However, as politicians and other prominent figures were enjoying mouth-watering food, Mufti was given meal which was prepared for the ordinary Muslims.

Have Malawi Muslims Abandoned Their Mufti?

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