Hijab Can’t Halt Muslim Girls’ Education Dream

It is not appea Ising to continue hearing that some quarters in the society are not happy to see Muslim girls wearing hijab in Christian schools funded by Malawi Government.

As Malawians, we should always reason beyond our religious affiliations. Hijab has no threat to anyone because it is just a religious attire.

Malawi is a secular country with diverse religious groupings. It is not proper for some Christian leaders to stoop so low and try to create the unnecessary tension among Malawians who always co-exist peacefully. Religious leaders must think outside the box and think of the future Malawi.

The “Warm Heart of Africa” is a land of peace and our national anthem always reminds us to continue keeping the country a land of peace. The constitution of the country guarantees freedom of worship and the same constitution tells Malawians to access education.

It is inhumane and unconstitutional to shutter Muslim girls’ academic dream for just wearing hijab tax payers funded schools.

I am very optimistic that religious leaders from the Muslim and Christian faiths will agree on the need to end the wrangle peacefully. I am also sure that Malawi Government will help to resolve the dispute.

I don’t remember anyone in the country being injured because a Muslim girl had put on a hijab in a classroom. Wearing hijab can never halt a Muslim girl.

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