His Last Word Was “My Girlfriend!!”

cats Two years ago, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi had been to Canada and stayed there sometime. He met an Arab brother there, when he was a doctor who had post-graduate studies there. So, he asked him how his work was going on.

He said he had seen strange things. When asked how, he replied that he was an intern in a hospital. One day he was in hospital in the early morning and entered the intensive care unit. He had to start his daily work by going to check on the patients. He checked their medical reports and analyses. Then he stopped at one bed where a 21-years old guy was lying. He was named Mohammad. As his name indicates, he was a Muslim. The doctor then checked his medical file and found that the young man was infected by AIDS. He had been hospitalized, suffering from some chest disease. As you may know, AIDS patients have no immunity against any disease, as that disease utterly destroys it. The doctor then went to talk to that person. But he was unaware and was moaning out of the crushing pain. So, the doctor called him by name and greeted him but he was just gasping. The doctor called him once more but the young man was unconscious. So, the doctor rang up his family to ask them about the patient.

The patient’s mother answered the phone. The doctor introduced himself to the young man’s mom. He told her, her son was suffering due to his illness and asked her to come. But she said she was so busy and would come after work. The doctor asked her to come immediately.

As he was talking to her, the alarm in the medical devices linked to the patient’s body beeped. The doctor said if she came after work, it would be too late. He hung up and went to the young man. His heart pulse, respiration and blood pressure plummeted, The young man was dying. After a while the patient’s mother came. He asked the mother about her son’s name, so, she replied: “Mohammad”. He asked about his age and she said 21. Then he asked if her son ever offered Prayers. But the mother denied that. Saying that her son intended to perform Hajj and repent when he would get old. Satan does the same to many people. He convinces them to do what they want and then repent later on. The same happened with that man. The doctor asked if he knew any Qur’anic verses. But the woman said he wouldn’t.

Then the devices beeped even louder and they hurried to the young man but he was going through death throes. They called him by name again, and the nurses were surprised. The doctor asked him to say: “There is no deity but Allah.” But the young man only moaned. The doctor repeated the Testimony of Faith urging the patient to say it. He started crying while urging the patient to say it. There was no way to save him. All medical devices and medicine were to no avail. It was time for saying these words. The doctor repeated the testimony; he tried every way to make him say it. But the patient would say “Ah”. Then he stopped moaning and it seemed he would talk. The doctor thought he’d say it at last but he only said: “I just want my girlfriend.” “I just want my girlfriend.” Then he named the girl with whom he was cohabiting illegally.

The doctor told Sheikh Al-Arifi personally that he cried and urged him persistently to utter the testimony of Faith; “There is no deity but Allah.” But the man would say: “I want my girlfriend.” The young man’s mother was crying and the nurses were surprised.

Finally, blood pressure dropped, the pulse stopped, and all devices stopped. The young man was motionless as he died. His mother burst into tears. The doctor was moved. Meanwhile, the nurses were surprised at the sight. The young man just passed away. Neither his youth nor his possessions benefited him. The worldly pleasures and money he had were of no use to him. He wouldn’t take anything with him to the Hereafter, only then will he know that he mustn’t have wasted his life.

So, dear Muslim readers we should stop and think: Will the deeds we are doing in this world be of any use to us when we die? Or will they make us regret wasting our lives? In this regard Allah says: “Last any soul should say: ‘Alas for me that I neglected my duty towards Allah, and was among those who mocked”. Then one will start regretting when it will be too late to correct his past mistakes, having wasted his life.

Also, it is narrated that, “Every slave will be resurrected in the state upon which he died” [Muslim]. Think about it.

How do you want yourself to be resurrected? Listening to music? Watching television? Singing songs? Dancing?

Or to be resurrected while you are reciting the Holy Quran? wearing Ihram and saying,”Labbaik, Allah humma Labbaik”? while performing tawaaf? Or while in sujood? Think again about this…. and start praying about it…

We often ask Allah to grant us Jannah… but how many of us ask Allah to resurrect us in Ihraam and in sujood?

How wonderful it would be when on the Day of Resurrection we will be raised in front of the Almighty prostrating to Him…SubhanAllaah!

Also, start doing dhikr especially, say “Laa ilaaha illa-Allaah” consistently so that these good words will automatically be our last words in this world and will be raised saying them on the Day of Resurrection.

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