I am The Only Cleanest Person Ever Worked With MAM – Shareef

Dr Shareef: I am the only cleanest person ever worked with MAM

Former Secretary General for Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef has described his time at the association as a success and that he is ‘the only cleanest person ever’ of all the people who have worked with MAM.

Sheikh Dr Shareef’s remarks come at a time when some executive members of MAM are conspiring of dragging him to court over corrupt allegations.

It is alleged that during his time, Dr Shareef has been diverting money into his pocket which was supposed to be for the association.

Reports have it that last Sunday, some members of the executive committee met in Kanjedza discussing on how they will drag Shareef to court but the move hit a snag as there were mixed reactions among the members.

Other members agreed with the move while others saw it unviable looking at the point that those who moved the motion could not produce any evidence to back their claims.

When asked if at all they are aware of the meeting, both MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad and Secretary General Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar confirmed the development but quashed the allegations of dragging Shareef to court.

“While we acknowledge the fact that Shareef swindled a lot of money for MAM, (because we have evidence on this) we cannot take him to court. Sharia does not allow us to do so – we let alone Allah to punish him whether in this life or the hereafter for all evil things he has been doing while he has been working here as secretary general,” said the National Chairman.

However, Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef has laughed off the matter and challenged the association to have him arrested. He said as far as he knows, he has never taken any penny for MAM.

“I am not afraid to be arrested because I know I have never eaten even a single penny of Muslim Association of Malawi. I am independent and I do my own things. I am the only cleanest person ever worked with MAM. People have to know that despite working with MAM, I was a commissioner for healthy services; I was the lecturer and Muslim World League’s country director. In all those positions, I was paid, so what could stop me from having a lot of money?

“Even that Issa Ali N’jauju who is among the team which want me arrested, knows the procedure which was supposed to be followed for someone to take money from MAM bank account. He was the authorising signatory. The cheque could not pass without being signed by three people (Chairman, Secretary General and Treasurer). So, you mean he could just be signing cheques and letting me to divert money into my account without saying anything?” he lamented.

Dr Shareef added he is aware that it is his former schoolmate Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar who speculates this ‘nonsense’ and described him as the ‘Worst Secretary General’ the association has ever had.

“He is the worst Secretary General MAM has ever had. Look, he connived with the Chairman to remove all people whom I employed. He removed Saiti Jambo so that he should take over his position. As I am saying now, he is holding two positions, getting two salaries as both Secretary General and Executive Director. During my time, I put some sheikhs who do dawah work in the country on MAM’s payroll and they were paid by the Saudi Kingdom but when this regime came it has removed all of them. Dr Salmin has nothing to offer to the Muslim community and if he thinks that he will prove to be good an administrator by castigating me then he will not prosper,” he added.

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