“I go to Mosque but I Pray in the Name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit,” says a Muslim Woman Convert

Mosque like this, two types of worshiping

A Muslim woman from Ndirande, Blantyre who converted from Christianity some 20 years ago, said she prays ‘in the name of Jesus and Holy Spirit’ every time  she goes to Masjid because she doesn’t know Islamic way of praying, Malawi Muslim Official Website can reveal.

A woman who is in form three at Ndirande Hill night school told her friends in class that it was difficult for her to leave Christianity and her parents did not love it but she could not do otherwise because she loved the Muslim man.

“My mother asked me several times, that ‘are you really going to Islam, stop believing that Jesus is a son of God?’, I said yes, because there was no any Christian man who loved me more than the Muslim one, so I had no option but to follow him,” she said.

Fortunately, her mother respected her decission and was the one to encourage her daughter not to forget to attend Swallah (prayers). However, since she doesn’t know how to pray in Islam, she use to go and just pray in the Christian style.

“I don’t know anything about Islamic prayers. My husband does not send me to Madrassa then, what should I do? I just pray in the name of Jesus when I go to Masjid,” she confidently.

If this is not enough, the woman astounded her Muslim classmates when she told them that, despite being a Muslim, her husband was healed from epistaxises because of her prayer ‘in the name of Jesus’.

“My husband had an epistaxises [nosebleed] problem. However, my former fellow Christian woman told me to pray for him. She took my hand and prayed for it and she told me to do the same to my husband,” she said.

“My husband has never ever allowed any Christian stuff in our house, and if he could find a gospel song, he used to turn off the radio. Interestingly, when I tried to tell her about the prayer, he didn’t hesitate and had no any argument at all. I started praying until the problem stopped, it is over five years now, he is no longer experiencing the problem. All these, because I prayed In the Holy Spirit,” she concluded.

However, her friends went on accusing her, telling her that she joined Islam because of the marriage and not wholeheartedly because a true Muslim can not do that, the thing she confessed at the end.

Ngati sindimamupeza mwamuna wa Chikirisitu kuti andikwatire ndikanata? (If I had no a chance to get a Christian man to marry me, what could I do?) That is why I joined Islam,” she said confidently.

Nevertheless, all effort to get in touch with the family proved futile as none of the woman’s friends had her phone number and said they could not be able give us in fear of bringing squabbles in the blessed family.

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