ICJP backs MEC’s decision on vote recount

The Islamic commission for justice and peace (ICJP) has joined the bandwagon in support of the recounting of votes process to determine the winner of the  May 20 tripartite elections.

The remarks have been made by the chairperson of the organization Shaibu Abdurrahman Ajassi.

Ajassi said that the only way to move forward out of this elections mess is the recounting of votes.

“The Islamic commission for justice and peace is totally in support of the idea to recount the votes. This will determine the true winner of the controversial elections. There are more people who are happy and less people are not happy with the recounting process. So it is better to recount to satisfy the wish of the majority who are in support of the recounting process” said Ajassi.

He further said that this election case is like the case of the garden where its proceedings are supposed to be resolved at the very same garden (“uwu ndi mulandu wa munda umakaweruzidwa kumunda komweko”)

Ajassi also asked other religion organizations to speak on this matter with an intention to unite Malawians not taking sides.

“Other religious organizations should speak with a soft tongue to unite Malawians not setting fire on and taking sides. Our primary duty as religious organizations is to make sure that this country peace continues to prevail,” he said.

ICJP also asked international observers to tell the world the truth.

“We at ICJP are very disappointed with the remarks made by SADC that the elections were free and fair. Everybody knows that the tripartite elections were not free and fair and MEC has also said the same. They should therefore tell the world the truth that elections were full of irregularities,” he said.

The organization furthermore reminded Malawians to stop spreading force rumors that this country has been taken over by the army.

“Malawi has one president and she is none other than Dr Joyce Banda. This will remain like that until MEC announces the new president. There is no military leadership in Malawi,” he said.

The Islamic organization has recommended Malawians for keeping calm after the May 20 tripartite elections. The organization also said that they will work with any government that will come in power after the elections circus.

Malawians went to vote in the tripartite elections on 20th may 2014 to elect the president, members of parliament and the ward councilors. But till now the results are yet to be released.

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