If a man and woman are equal in Islam why can’t a woman be allowed to have four husbands as it is the rule with men?

The general norm in Islam is monogamy and not polygamy. Also, the position of Islam towards polygamy is that it is neither mandatory nor encouraged, but merely permitted.

More importantly, the permission to practice polygamy is associated with compassion towards widows and orphans and it is not associated with mere sexual satisfaction.

The Islamic practice of polygamy is often attacked by the enemies of Islam. While men and women have equal rights in Islam, they dont have equal responsibilities.

A woman has the responsibility to obey her husband i n matters regarding the marriage. What would she do if she had multiple husbands and they gave her conflicting orders?

Islam is also adamant on attributing the child to his or her biological father. If a woman had multiple husbands, how can she know the further of her children?

By: Moulana Rafique Valli, lecturer at Girls Islamic University, Zakariyya Park, SA.

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