Ishmael Katawala Hints on Collaborating with Aqeel Masinja

It is a collaboration of giants as Ishmael Katawala and Aqeel Masinja plan to release a new nasheed.

Malawi’s nasheed heavyweight Ishmael says people should prepare for a nasheed that is set to be released soon .

“Assalam alykum, another collaboration ikununkhira (Aqeel Masinja and The Katawalaz), are you ready?” Katawala wrote on his Facebook page.

Both Katawala and Masinja are known for producing outstanding nasheed. The two have been in the game for years making nasheed lovers hope for an extraordinary collaboration.

Among other top nasheed by Katawala include ‘Tizakubonisani Jannah’, ‘ Zonsezi ndi Allah’ and Subhanallah. Aqeel Masinja is also known for his art. Some of his great nasheed include ‘Tiganizeso’, ‘ Zikomo’ and ‘ Tidzapambana.’

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