Islamic Information Bureau Condemns Egypt Church Attack

Sh. Dinar Chabulika-IIB National Coordinator

Islamic Information Bureau, an Islamic organisation in Malawi has condemned the recent Coptic church attacks  in Alexandria, Egypt describing the incident as sad and  a criminal act which has no any base in Islam.

“The Islamic information Bureau would like to condemn the Attack on the Church in Alexandria, Egypt. It is a criminal act and has no relation to Islam. This is an unacceptable act in Islam as our religion forbids aggression in all its forms, and this bloodshed and unjust slaughtering of innocent people under any circumstances is not approved by the religion,”  Says organisation’s national coordinator in  a statement sent to Malawi Muslim Official Website.

The statement further say that the incident is regreattable as Islam does not ecourage bombimgs or targetting the places of worship of other denominations and the organisation believes that the attack was designed in order to create conflicts among Muslims.

“Islam is not a religion of bombings and does not allow targeting non-Muslim places of worship. What has happened in Egypt is very sad and regrettable act. We believe the incident was designed to incite conflict among Muslims, raise anger against them, lead them away from their priorities, Attack the National Unity of Egypt and the world, and provoke crises and conflict. The incident should not be used as an opportunity to malign Islam and Muslims. What has happened recently in Egypt is a sinful and atrocious act that has nothing to do with Islam,” reads the satement.

Over 25 people were killed during the attack on the News Year’s day on Saturday by the suicide bombing, which occurred shortly after midnight outside a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt. The country has about 8 million Christians, the vast majority of whom belong to the Coptic Orthodox Church, which is predominantly Muslim.

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