Islamic Information Bureau Hosts Youth Conference

Today, the Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) youth desk is hosting a Muslim youth conference under the theme ” Strategies for Creating Societal Impact ,” at Skyway Hall, in Mzuzu City

According to IIB, the primary goal of the conference is to discuss and devise strategies for creating a positive societal impact.

“As part of the conference, the IIB youth desk will select a youth committee responsible for coordinating and overseeing programs aimed at empowering youth in Mzuzu and the northern region of Malawi,” says IIB.

The bureau adds that the committee will work to ensure that programs implemented by youth are impactful and sustainable, and will aim to create opportunities for youth to become leaders in their communities.

According to the bureau, the conference is a unique opportunity for Muslim youth to come together, share ideas and experiences, and learn from each other.

“It is also a chance for the IIB youth desk to showcase their commitment to empowering young people and making a positive impact in the region. Overall, the event is an important step towards building a brighter future for the youth of Malawi,” says the bureau.

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