JB Asks Muslim Women to Respect Their Husbands

Muslim women: Asked to respect their husbands
Muslim women: Asked to respect their husbands

President of the Republic of Malawi Dr Joyce Banda has asked Muslim women in the country to respect and protect their husbands.

The President was speaking during the official opening of this year’s Muslim women Ijtmah organised by Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) in Lunzu, Blantyre where she was a Guest of Honour.

“A Muslim woman should be exemplary. She has to respect her husband regardless of his status – whether he is working or not. That is the only way we will be successful. You have to be like me. Despite that I am a President but I still respect my husband because we can’t stay without them. Therefore, we need to protect and love them as Quran commands us,” she said.

JB said it is sad to see other women being rude to their husbands which she said it is even not in line with Islamic teachings.

“A woman is a woman, we have to respect our husbands. A good Muslim woman is the one who forgives her husband. A good Muslim woman is caring, protective and respectful. Also, your dressing should reflect your characters. You can’t wear hijab and be doing things that are contrary to the teachings of Islam” said JB.

The President further asked the women to keep their faith to Allah saying it is only to Him where people can find solutions for any problems they are facing.

She said despite her tight schedule, she managed to go and attend the function because she believes it was part of worship which she can’t miss.

Dr Joyce Banda, who is also SADC Chairperson has since donated MK3 million to MWO in order to help settle some debts incurred during the preparations of the historical event, which has attracted over 10,000 women from all corners of the country.

The Ijtmah started on Friday September 13 and will end on Sunday September 15, 2013.

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