Katawala’s Ndidzagwadila Allah DVD Launch in BT.

After launching Ndidzagwadila Allah DVD album in Joburg Rustenburg, Pietermaritzburg and Durban in South Africa, this month-end the launch has returned to its original home in Blantyre as Mzuzu was the first city to embrace this talent.

The concert which has been attracting an impressive audience in both countries, Blantyre should expect an extraordinary launch as all the supporting artists are ready to give an audience beyond their expectations according to the artist Ishmael Katawala who featured Abdulah Manjomo’s “Anaka” fame.

Katawala: All is set

“Preparations are running on a well note and everything is in place, my fans should expect nothing but best music videos from this DVD because I have invested a lot to bring the best to the world,” said Katawala.

The launch which will take place at Malawi Sun Hotel, Jupiter Hall on 30th October will start at 1pm and the DVD has 15 music videos including Allahuma, Attahiyatu, Allah Ndikuthokoza, a Lomwe Nasheed “Anaka” featuring Abdulah Manjomo and also the title track Ndidzagwadila Allah.

Some of the artists which have been billed to perform during this Nasheeds DVD launch are; Abdul Salaam Mpira, Muhammad Chirimba Khadhaf Ahmad Pilo, Rajab Yassin Issah, Alfred Kanonji, Wallace Salanje, Imran Kaisi and Maloto hit-maker Abdulah “Anaka” Manjomo.

“Apart from these artists, we have also invited some poetry and drama artists like Yusuf Bamusi, Sualimana Saiti, Achina pongolani, Young Theatre and Enock Chitemwe “Anganga Adyabilu,” said Attahiyatu Hit-maker.

Advance tickets are available at Islamic Information Bureau, Kamba Masjid, Ndilande Main Masjid and Jack Shoppers just to mention a few at K1000.

This is the second DVD albulm as he released Zonsezi Ndi Allah some years back and Kawala has won different awards as the best Nasheed artist in the country including Malawi Muslim Award 2015


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