Live Updates: 2011 International Human Resource Development Workshop


Dubai International Airport


As we said  in our earlier article that our two Malawian Muslim brothers are going to attend the ongoing 2011 International Human Resource Development Workshop in Pakistan, we would like to inform you that Malawi Muslim Official Website will be giving you updates of what is going on there for the whole full month.

Therefore, this morning, I caught up with one of the partcipants, Jafar Idana of Islamic Information Bureau Youth Desk.

We are pleased to let the Malawian Muslims know that we are currently in Dubai, awaiting to board at 7:00 am on the 8th March 2011. Our trip so far is very successful, ” Idana told Malawi Muslim Official website.

“The only setbacks are that two of our collegues who were supposed to be with us, Sheikh Ibrahim Fickra and brother Blackson could not make it for the trip. Only I (Jafari Idana) and Abdul – Azeez Chimatiro have managed to make it. Insha – Allah we will keep you posted and updated in the duration of our course,” he said.

The month long training course is organized annually at the Dawah Academy of the International Islamic University Islamabad and gathers participants from different countries in which Muslims are a minority. This year’s workshop started last week on March 3rd 2011.

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