Malawi Muslim Medical Students Nurtured by World Class Surgeons

Medical students from Malawi are among students who are nurtured by world class specialist doctors at the ongoing 18th Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) medical camp in Kampala , Uganda.

The students who are studying Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Nursing Sciences at Islamic University in Uganda-Habib Medical School have joined other medical students from several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Turkey, Uganda, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

The students are trained by world class specialist doctors such as neurosurgeon, cardiologist, and opthalmologist from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Hussein Kosombe is one of Malawi medical students who are attending the camp.

According to Kosombe , the camp will help the students to understand the dynamics medicine.

“It is our opportunity to learn from these world class specialist doctors. We shall use the skills we are acquiring here to change Malawi’s health sphere because we are tipped on how to make health sector robust,” he said.

However, Kosombe said Malawi is still lacking behind in terms of technology that can support health services.

“We have seen here that in developed countries such as Saudi Arabia, provision of health service is technology aided. It is different to Malawi because we are still lacking behind in using technology in our hospitals,”

“We have seen that in Saudi Arabia doctors can help patients while home through computer . We have also learnt that in developing countries patients data is no longer recorded manually but electronically. They are advanced and it is our wish for Malawi to reach that far,” he said.

The camp has been organised by Islamic Medical Association of Uganda (IMAU) in conjunction with FIMA under the theme ” Muslim Health Professionals in the Globalization Era,”

The camp has been sponsored by the Islamic Medical Association of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (IMAKSA)

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