‘Malawi: The Land of Chaos and Unpatriotic Politicians’

No wonder, Malawi fails to develop because of several barriers that she faces. These are artificial barriers that ‘politicians’ create to feed their bank accounts, families and friends . We are living in a country of chaos.

Yesterday, the Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) Hellen Buluma told the parliament how politicians especially those in government influence awarding of contracts at the statutory corporation. This country needs to rethink.

Buluma claimed that the Board Chairperson of NOCMA who is also the Secretary to the President and the Cabinet (SPC) Colleen Zamba was influencing her to award contracts to people who are connected to the politicians. The Former Deputy CEO of NOCMA claimed that Zamba wanted the contracts to import fuel into the country should always be given to people who speak the same language with current administration.

There is no way a country that handles her energy sector carelessly can develop. If Malawi handles its energy sector carelessly, she has no right to move out of the zone of poorest countries on earth.

This country is on a death bed if politicians think interfering into businesses of independent statutory corporations is normal. These companies have experts who should be allowed to execute their duties diligently. We are living in a country that has no vision apart from the theoretical one dubbed ‘2063’ vision.

This country witnesses massive corruption at all levels; in Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). It is questionable how our politicians decide to sacrifice the future of the country at the expense of over 18 million Malawians and future generations for their personal gains. We are living in a chaotic country .

Malawi has a future. A very bright future but it lacks politicians who are patriots. Leadership alone without patriotism is not enough. In the 2025 elections, Malawians will have to elect politicians who are leaders and patriots. We are living in Malawi of Chaos.

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