Malawian Muslims Asked to Remember Palestinians in their Prayers

The participants making dua for the people of Palestine

The participants making dua for the people of Palestine

Malawian Muslims on Saturday were asked not to forget Palestinian people in their prayers.

The call was made by World Assembly of Muslim Youth (Wamy) Director Sheikh Saleem Banda when he was addressing Muslim Girls at the three-day 2014 Muslim Girls Youth Camp held at Mai Halima Girls Secondary School in Mulanje.

The camp was organised by Muslim Sisters Youth Organisation (Musyo) and Wamy.

Banda said Palestine is precious for Muslims as it is the place where the sacred mosque called Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa is found. This was the first qiblah (direction to pray) of the Muslims.

“Our friends in Palestine are in trouble. They have been living on this land for centuries along with the Jews until they were forcefully removed when the state of Israel was established. Now, most of the land (about 80%) is occupied by Israel and the remaining portion (20%) is in the hands of Palestinians, but even in this tiny space they are under siege. The place where the Palestinians now live is no more than an iron-cage. These people are humiliated and tortured everyday and as Muslims we have to be concerned,” he said.

He therefore said Muslims should help to pray for the Palestinians until they are free.

Banda said he regards the Palestinian issue as a human rights issue.

Banda continued: “The Palestinians have been denied the right to dignity and freedom. They are oppressed everyday with the world paying a little attention to their fate.”

To this end, the participants stayed for 3-4 minutes mankind Du’a to the people of Palestinians.

Sheikh Salimu Banda leading the participants in prayers

Some Muslim girls were also awarded scarfs and cash for answering questions correctly about Palestine and how important it is to the Muslim community.

A Muslim Girl Receiving her prize after answering well on issues about palestine

A promotion Palestinian flag was also presented to the MUSYO.

Sister Shakeera Banda (left): Presenting the Palestinian Flag to Musyo Officials

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